I am in the process of developing my business for hand-typed lettering – watch this space!

I use a vintage 1960’s typewriter and ethically sourced paper, to create hand-typed letters, poetry, bespoke prints, and keepsake wedding vows (did you know? the first wedding anniversary is traditionally considered your ‘paper anniversary’ – so look no further + let me create your personalised anniversary gift!).

Wedding vow package: NZ$25.00 + postage

My pricing will vary, depending on word count (it’s a surprisingly tricky and mathematical process getting all the letters and spacing lined up perfectly!) – but I am currently offering a Wedding vow package at just NZ$25.00 + postage.

These are hand-typed onto A6 or A5 note-cards, as preferred, and can be ordered by making contact with me to discuss your preferences + payment.

You might use these hand-typed vows on your wedding day itself, and then frame them afterwards, as a tangible memory of your special day.

Individual vows, poetry, readings, or song lyrics:

These can be typed onto A5 or A4 sized paper, starting at just NZ$25 each (depending on exact word count). But if you have a more specific requirement, please don’t hesitate to contact me for a personalised quote.

Framing options will be coming soon, but I cut my paper to fit the standard A4/A5/A6 sizes.

I can also incorporate pressed florals if you wish – perhaps a cutting from your bridal bouquet? – (which would require a 3 week wait-time for drying purposes).

Contact me for a quote today!